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Tire Guide

Also known as 3 season tires, are a suitable choice for spring , summer and fall driving conditions.Generally made from a hard rubber compound {to increase tread life}, all season tires simply do not provide the traction and braking ability needed for driving in our harsh winter conditions.As the temperature drops below 7 degrees celsius, their ability to grip the road surface {even on dry payment}, is greatly diminished.

Essentially a compromise between all season and winter tires.They offer improved braking and traction under winter conditions-compared to all season tires- and generally offer better tread wear than most winter tires.These tires can be used year round, and are eligible for financing through Manitoba Public Insurance.Frontier Toyota features the TOYO CELSIUS as our best all weather choice.

For serious winter guessed it...winter tires are the way to go.From that daily commute on ice and snow packed roads, to those wonderful winter weekends at the cottage, their is no safer choice than quality winter tires.Featuring a very soft rubber compound,they grip the road surface as the temperature drops, dramatically improving traction and braking....even compared to all weather tires.Winter tires can be fitted on your vehicle once the temperatures are stable at 7 degrees celsius or don't have to wait until the snow flies.Winter tires should be removed from the vehicle once spring temperatures exceed 7 degrees...this will help ensure a longer tread life.Frontier Toyota features MICHELIN X-ICE premium winter tires{featuring an industry leading 60,000 km tread wear warranty}, as well as the UNIROYAL TIGER PAW ICE & SNOW{exceptional value produced by Michelin} Don't forget....our winter tires and winter tire packages qualify for financing through Manitoba Public Insurance.